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For more detail about synths in Fallout 4, see synth.

Androids, also called synthetic humanoids or synths, are artificial intelligence units designed to look, function and behave like humans.


The Institute in the Commonwealth has been able to create androids. These androids, according to Dr. Zimmer, have fake skin and blood, and are programmed to simulate human behaviors, such as sleeping and breathing. They can even eat and digest food realistically. The androids created in the Commonwealth have no rights, and are viewed as nothing more than machines, and they are often used as slaves. Any android that attempts to escape is hunted down by the Synth Retention Bureau, a special branch of the Commonwealth Police. Synths also show up as random enemies in Fallout 4.

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Two androids appear in Fallout 3:

Behind the scenesEdit

These escaping androids that are hunted down by specially trained trackers appear to be an homage to the science fiction classic Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?/Blade Runner. Here, author Philip K. Dick explored ideas of different types of conscious beings as equal with humanity, and the human reaction to these rival sentient beings.


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