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Ammunition box
Ammunition Box
Regular ammo box
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Ammunition boxes are found in many places in the Capital and the Mojave Wastelands. Some are locked, and all but a notable few contain ammunition when initially found (some ammunition boxes in Rivet City, specifically at Flak 'N Shrapnel's, are locked but empty). Players with the Scrounger perk will find considerately more ammunition in ammunition boxes than those without it. The contents of most ammunition boxes randomize on a per-game basis.

Possible contentsEdit



For an overview of ammunition boxes, see above article pages.

Boxes with random selectionEdit

Boxes with random selection of power cellsEdit


  • Two ammunition boxes in Fort Independence contain alien power cells. With Broken Steel, Olney Powerworks also contains two ammunition boxes with alien power cells.
  • Agatha has an ammunition box in her house that contains a mini nuke, amongst other ammunition.
  • Ammunition boxes seem to be safe containers; they do not respawn contents and can store any object the player can deposit within them.
  • The ammunition box looks identical to the mine box and grenade box.
  • The text on the ammunition box is 840 CRTG 5.56 BALL M855 10 CLIPS.

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