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All Aboard is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Nuka-World main quest: All Aboard
Listen to the Nuka-Cola Family Radio.
Travel to the Nuka-World Transit Center.
(Optional) Deal with Commander Kaylor and the Gunners blocking the entrance to railway.
Enter the building..
Speak to Harvey.
Kill Harvey.
Recover the password on his body.
Restore power to the Nuka-Express.
Take the Nuka-Express to Nuka-World.
Reward: ~250 XP
Access to Nuka-World
Leads to: Taken for a Ride

Detailed walkthroughEdit

You will receive a new radio broadcast on your Pip-Boy after reaching level 30. After listening to it, a new location will appear on your map: the Nuka-World transit center.

A team of Gunners will be waiting here, with Commander Kaylor briefing them. Once they are dealt with, head inside the transit center. An injured man named Harvey will be sitting on the ground. He will implore you to help his family who are captured by raiders. Offering to use a stimpak on him will present multiple red speech checks, which, if passed, will cause him to give up more information. He will give you the password to the terminal. Once power is restored to the monorail, use it to leave the Transit Center and on to Nuka-World.

After a brief ride, the pre-recorded tour-guide explanation will be interrupted by Porter Gage, who will tell you to survive the approaching deathtrap and find him.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Listen to the Nuka-Cola Family RadioMy Pip-Boy picked up a new radio frequency. I should tune in and see what it might be.
200 Travel to the Nuka-World Transit CenterI tuned into an old Nuka-Cola family radio station on my Pip-Boy. It was looping a jingle and advertisement for a place called Nuka-World. The broadcast mentioned a Nuka-World Transit Center with transportation to take me there. I should find it and see if I can still reach the amusement park.
300 Speak to HarveyWhen arriving at the Nuka-World Transit Center, I came across an injured man. I should speak to him and find out what happened.
360 Retrieve the Control Terminal PasswordAfter I killed a man at the Nuka-World Transit Center, a voice came over a speaker system, making me an offer to travel to Nuka-World. He said I should be able to retrieve the password to power up the Nuka-Express on the dead man's body.
400 Restore power to the Nuka-ExpressI met a man named Harvey after arriving at the Nuka-World Transit Center. He asked me to save his family from a small group of Raiders at Nuka-World. If I want to help him, I need to find the control terminal to restore power to the Nuka-Express. Then I can take the monorail to the amusement park.
500 Take the Nuka-Express to Nuka-WorldI've restored power to the Nuka-Express. Now I can take the monorail to Nuka-World, and see if I can finally find out what's going on.
1000Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete


  • The quest can be started prior to level 30, by traveling to the Nuka-World transit center. While the Gunners outside of the terminal are leveled to an underleveled player character, Kaylor will still be around level 38 at a minimum and may pose a significant threat.

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