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For an overview of alien blaster models in the Fallout series of , see alien blaster.
Alien blaster
Fo1 alien blaster
Grnd frame Fo1 pistol
Damage & attacks
damage30 - 90
damage typeElectrical
att. modes
Single(Action PointsIcon action 4, RangeIcon range 10)
ammo typeSmall energy cell
ammo cap.30
strength req.2
hands req.1
weight2 pounds
10000 fo1Gametitle-FO1
10000 fo2Gametitle-FO2
weapon perkWeapon Accurate
prototype id00000120

A strange gun of obviously alien origin. It can support small energy cells, however.

Fallout and Fallout 2 description

The alien blaster is a weapon of extraterrestrial origin found in Fallout and Fallout 2.


The alien blaster is particularly devastating as a close range weapon, and along with the turbo plasma rifle is one of the most formidable weapons in the Fallout games to date.

It can be fired for 2 action points with Fast Shot and the Bonus Rate of Fire perk. If used by a character with high skill levels and accompanying perks, it can cause up to 150 damage per hit. Very random damage and short range make it hard to consistently use effectively, requiring luck for loads of critical shots. It is also one of the most expensive guns in the game.



The alien blaster can be found in the "Alien Ship" special encounter.

Fallout 2Edit

  • The alien blaster can be bought from Willy in a random encounter north of Modoc.
  • Additionally, the alien blaster can be picked up by hacking a terminal on the Enclave Oil rig in the maze room. By passing the Science check when using the Repair skill on a (each game randomly selected) maze room terminal one can find an Easter egg. The egg 'hatches' a special item depending on the Chosen One's tagged skill. If they have Speech tagged and over 100% the egg is the alien blaster. Note that the game checks from the ordered list (science, repair, gambling, outdoorsman, throwing, first aid, doctor, traps) first for a tagged skill over 100%, so in order to get the blaster one musn't have any of these skills tagged and over 100%.




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