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Acolytes of the New God is an ambient music track composed by Mark Morgan for the Fallout soundtrack. The track is available as a part of the Vault Archives compilation.


Acolytes of the New God appears in Fallout and in Fallout: New Vegas. It plays while the Vault Dweller is in the Cathedral. In Fallout: New Vegas it can be heard while the Courier is in the Silver Rush, in the Ultra-Luxe, outside of Cannibal Johnson's cave, or near the Red Rock Drug Lab. In Dead Money, it is played in the Cantina Madrid kitchen. In Honest Hearts, it is played in the Zion Ranger station, and the Angel cave, where the player first meets Joshua Graham.


Fallout 1 2 Soundtrack - Acolytes of the New God03:19

Fallout 1 2 Soundtrack - Acolytes of the New God

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