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For the Abraxo cleaner appearing in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, see Abraxo cleaner (Fallout 3).

Abraxo cleaner and undamaged Abraxo cleaner are junk items in Fallout 4. Abraxo cleaner is a pre-War cleaning agent produced by Abraxodyne Chemical.


Abraxo cleaner was a popular pre-War detergent, which can be found in many homes, laundromats and Vaults across the Commonwealth. The undamaged boxes can be found in areas that have not been tainted by radiation, such as non-compromised vaults. Undamaged Abraxo cleaner is one and a half times as many caps as the more commonly found, worn boxes.


Abraxo cleaner can be broken down into its individual components for use in crafting.

Abraxo cleaner (1)
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levelIcon level
Acid (1)

It can also be combined at a chemistry station to produce Mentats or Mind Cloud syringes.



Abraxo cleanerEdit

Over 400 fixed locations in the Commonwealth, most commonly found within garages, janitor's closets, and in basements. Including:

Undamaged Abraxo cleanerEdit


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