The Abernathy Metro station is an unmarked metro station on the White Line under the Capital Wasteland.


Before the war, it was a Metro station used by the citizens of D.C. It is entered through Becton Metro station, entered by the Vernon East/Takoma Park Metro station and is used to get into Takoma Park. The area is infested with irradiated water and mirelurks, as well as many ghouls and various mutated creatures. The status board says it is still in working condition by 2277, but clearly the defilement about the station says otherwise.


It is a small metro station within a larger area of stations, filled with radiation and many mutated insects, creatures and mirelurks. It leads to Takoma Park on one side and leads to Becton Metro station/Vernon Square on the other.


Abernathy Metro station appears only in Fallout 3.