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The abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker terminal entries are a series of terminal entries from the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker in Fallout: New Vegas. They can be found on Elijah's terminal in an average locked room to the left after descending the stairs.



Bunker 13 Network

Welcome, Father Elijah.

Science Entry 112Edit


I've started analyzing samples of the Cloud that surrounds the Sierra Madre. Preliminary results are promising. I need to preform a proper atmospheric analysis, that requires I travel there directly. Still, the sample I have collected in my chemistry set is enough to keep my experiments running. The Cloud Residue replenishes slowly, and I have to limit the gathering of samples to its rate of growth, allowing me to restock once per day.

Automated Message From Sierra MadreEdit


Dear Mr. Elijah,

Congratulations on your winning luck at the Sierra Madre Casino! We have set up your payment of Sierra Madre Chips to be automatically delivered at the dropbox you specified every three days.

Thank you and we hope to you enjoyed your stay!


The Sierra Madre Management

Download HolomessageEdit


This Holomessage is locked. A label on the front reads "For Veronica". A strange sensor mounted on the back seems to be tied to a locking mechanism.


Unlock DoorEdit


> Unlocking...

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