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Nuclear Blast is Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel's main menu theme. The music and lyrics were written by Craig Stuart Garfinkle.


A lonely electron,
With nothing to do,
Pairs up with a neutron
For a cocktail or two.
Atomic kisses, survived by a few.
They had a... nuclear blast.

Said the electron to the neutron,
"You sure can be dense.
With this much attraction
There's no civil defense.
Let go of that energy,
No need to be tense.
Give me that... nuclear blast."

Einstein said that space is elastic.
Twist his theory, it comes out bombastic.
A mushroom cloud, a sight fantastic.
Stick your head between your legs,
Kiss your ass goodbye.

A happy electron,
A neutron its mate.
Don't give a damn about apocalyptic fate.
They party 'till midnight,
Then boom it's too late.
It's a... nuclear blast.


A Nuclear Blast01:01

A Nuclear Blast

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