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A Model Citizen is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Vault-Tec Workshop quest: A Model Citizen
Follow the overseer.
Kill the feral ghouls.
Talk to the overseer.
Build the Vault 88 Overseer's Desk.
Return to the overseer.
Turn on the Vault 88 Radio Beacon.
Return to the overseer.
Help the overseer interview candidates
Explore Vault 88
Talk to the overseer
Leads to: Explore Vault 88
Reward: 350 XP
Leads to: Power to the People

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After reaching Valery Barstow, she will ask you to follow her as she explains her situation. There are several feral ghouls nearby who used to be the construction team working inside the Vault. The nearest one, Julian, will become hostile if you get too close to him. Barstow will ask him to stop, before realizing he no longer responds, and will request that you put the rest of the construction team out of their misery. Once all the ghouls are dead, Barstow will explain that Stanislaus Braun tasked her with a vital experiment for Vault 88.

If you choose the 'Vault-Tec are bastards' option, she will understand, she will state you can alter the program to be more ethical to the test subjects (though the player can alter the parameters of each experiment to be ethical, even if you do not choose this dialogue option). You also have an option to expel Barstow from the vault, permanently failing and ending the questline, but giving you control of the entire vault and granting access to all of the prototypes. The achievement Oversight may also be gained here.

If you agree to her wishes, you must then build the Vault 88 overseer's desk with the workshop for her. Once she has consulted the terminal, she will ask you to turn on the radio beacon in the entranceway where Security Chief Andersen was encountered. Its switch is on the large control board in the middle of the room. After that is completed, you will be told to Explore Vault 88, triggering the sidequest. This requires clearing rockfalls that have blocked up entrances to new passages beyond the main chamber, as well as restarting the workshops in these sections as well.

Once enough of the vault has been explored (not all sectors are required for this to happen) the next stage is to help Barstow interview new candidates into the vault. A group of settlers will have appeared at the entrance to the Vault, summoned by the radio beacon. Two are unnamed, the third being Clem who is the type of person Barstow is looking for.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Build the Vault 88 Overseer's DeskI've agreed to help Overseer Valery Barstow rebuild Vault 88 and test prototypes that are supposed to help people. The first step is building her a place to work.
125 Follow the OverseerI've met the would be Overseer of Vault 88. She wants me to follow her and she'll tell me more.
150 Talk to the Overseer
175Quest failedIcon cross(Overseer turned down)
200 Return to the OverseerI've agreed to help Overseer Valery Barstow rebuild Vault 88 and test prototypes that are supposed to help people. Now that she has her Overseer's Desk, I should find out the next step.
300 Turn on the Vault 88 Radio BeaconWith the Overseer set up, the next step is turning on a radio beacon to attract people to Vault 88.
400 Explore Vault 88I should explore the rest of Vault 88 while I'm waiting for the first test subjects to arrive.
450 Help the Overseer interview candidatesTogether the Overseer and I need to interview our new Vault residents and find someone that would make a good experimental test subject.
700 Talk to the OverseerWe've found our test subject: Clem. I should talk with the Overseer to find out about the experiments.
800Quest finishedIcon checkQuest Completed
9000Quest failedIcon crossQuest Failed


  • Only the overseer's desk from the special menu will advance the quest, the overseer's desk in the furniture menu will not. With this in mind, do not scrap the original overseer's desk. If one intends to retain the services of the overseer at the end of the quest chain, she will only interact with her original desk.
  • Curie, Piper and Nick Valentine dislike the player calling Clem an idiot in conversation. MacCready and Cait like it.
  • Curie will like it when the Sole Survivor says "I like him" to Clem when doing his interview.
  • Danse, Codsworth and Deacon like it when the player says "Vault-Tec are bastards".
  • Danse, Codsworth, Curie, Preston and Hancock like it when the player says they "won't hurt anybody" during the experiments.
  • X6-88 dislikes it when the player says "won't hurt anybody" during the experiments. He likes it if the Survivor asks for caps and passes a medium speech check before building the overseer's desk.