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AMS corporate headquarters is a location within Watoga in 2102. It is the headquarters of the pre-War company Automated Mining Services.


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There are security bots & turrets on the 3rd floor.

There is minor but constant radiation in the building.

Notable lootEdit

  • Message from Hank Madigan - Holotape, loaded in the Receptionist terminal.
  • Stuck - Holotape, found on a counter to the left after exiting the elevator on the third floor.
  • Subject 43 - Note, in one of the labs on the third floor. It is opposite a molerat corpse in a cage.
  • Subject 67 - Note, in the Animal Holding area. Hacker 1 or Picklock 2 is required.
  • Sue them
  • Three fusion cores - Found in fusion generators all over the building.


AMS corporate headquarters appears only in Fallout 76.

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