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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue file for Lucas in Arroyo. His name was Standing Fist before the patch.


{100}{}{You see Lucas.}
{101}{}{Lucas is the chief warrior of your tribe.}
{102}{}{So there you are, the Chosen One. Hmmmph! How goes your quest?}
{103}{}{Pretty well.}
{104}{}{Not so good.}
{106}{}{I must get back to it.}
{107}{}{Maybe you need a warrior's help.}
{108}{}{Sure. What can you help me with?}
{109}{}{Nope. I am doing fine.}
{110}{}{Good answer, dumb one. Now keep quiet while I practice.}
{112}{}{I know how to fight with fists and feet. Think you can learn that?}
{113}{}{What can you teach me?}
{114}{}{May the wind be at your back, Chosen One.}
{116}{}{Hmmm -- spend a day with me and I'll teach you how to punch harder.}
{117}{}{Okay. Let's do it.}
{118}{}{Sorry, don't have the time right now.}
{119}{}{You know all I can teach you, Chosen One. Good luck to you on your quest.}
{120}{}{Oh, okay.}
{121}{}{Ha! Chosen One, you aren't graceful enough for me to teach you anything.}
{122}{}{Oh, okay.}
{123}{}{You are not quick enough in combat for my training to help you, Chosen One.}
{124}{}{Oh, okay.}
{125}{}{You need to learn more about combat before I can help you, little brother.}
{126}{}{Oh, okay.}
{127}{}{I can teach you a more powerful kick. It will take us all of one day.}
{129}{}{I can teach you enough to fight better. It will take us all of one day.}
{131}{}{You have learned well, Chosen One. May the wind be at your back.}
{132}{}{Thanks for your help.}
{133}{}{I have taught you all I can, Chosen One. Good luck on your quest.}

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