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A.F.A.D. manifesto is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.




Chipmunk: We, the members of AFAD, have an important message for those...
Rabbit: *Psst* Chipmunk! Tell them what our name means!
Chipmunk: What are you doing? I have the thing running right now...
Rabbit: Don't just say "AFAD." Tell them what is stands for!
Chipmunk: I'm trying to do something serious here, Rabbit! And I already have the recording started.
Rabbit: We'll take this out of the recording later, just tell them.
Chipmunk: Sigh. Fine. *Clears Throat* We, the members of the Animal Friends and Defenders, have an important message to those who are causing the destruction of the environment! We will not stand idly by and watch our animal brothers and sisters get hunted to extinction. We will take action! We will not remain complacent while corporations abuse our animal brothers and sisters in the name of so-called "science." We will take action! We will not turn our backs as...
Rabbit: Don't forget the part about slaughtering the animals needlessly for food.
Chipmunk: Sigh. You know I'm recording, right? You see that red light, yeah?
Rabbit: Uh, sorry, Chipmunk... I was just trying to, you know...
Chipmunk: Just toss that tape and we'll try again. And when we're done, don't throw out the good tape and keep the bad one like last time.

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