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Gametitle-FNV DM

631.08Hz ULF radio signal is a radio station that can be listened to in the Sierra Madre. It allows the player to eavesdrop on Dog and God.


Act IEdit

Dog is talking to himself, he's been caged in a location, and he's scared and frightened.— Developer's note
  • ":: Weeping. ::"
  • ":: Whimpering ::"
  • ":: Howling in frustration ::"
  • "Please let me out."
  • "Dog is sorry, sorry, sorry."
  • "What did I do?"
These are the lines Dog says randomly, either with the player or alone.— Developer's note
  • "So hungry."
  • "Don't like this place. Want to go back, back to the base. Or the Church, miss the Church."
  • "Insides growling."
  • ":: Mournful whining to self ::"
  • "Hope the voice doesn't come back. Mean. Bad."
  • "Where is Master? Did he go away? Dog will be good this time."
  • "Swallowed something bad. Taste like burnt wires."
  • ":: Stomach rumbling.::"

Act IIEdit

Dog is talking to himself, he's been told to wait and watch for a pretty fireworks display in the sky.— Developer's note
  • "Where are lights. Dog want to see the lights."
  • "Can't wait to see the lights."
  • ":: Impatient Growl ::"
  • "Hurry up, Dog doesn't like being here."
  • "Got to go... Casin-oooo."
  • "Didn't... we do this before? Can't remember."
  • "Want show and lights and yelling to start."
Dog is watching a fireworks display in the sky over the Villa, and he's pretty happy about it.— Developer's note
  • "Lights and fire."
  • "Pretty."
  • "Lots of noise."
  • "Where is Master? Did Master make fires in the sky?"
  • ":: Delighted clapping ::"
Dog is watching a fireworks display in the sky over the Villa, and he's terrified by the lights and the sounds.— Developer's note
  • "Nooooooooooo!"
  • ":: Howling, frightened. ::"
  • "Let me out, let me out!"
  • "Noise hurts, noise hurts!"
  • "Streets are hurting my ears!"
  • "Too bright, too bright."

Act IIIEdit

This is after God's personality has been buried.— Developer's note
  • "Hello? Voice? You there? It's Dog... ...Dog can hear himself. Voice is... is in cage? Locked. "
  • "Now Dog speak. Now Dog not afraid. And... hungry. More hungry. "
  • "Dog find food... tear apart food, eat. Chase it down, can't run, feed. Finally, until Dog is full."
  • "...going to make casino burn, no more being..."

  • "...can hear you now. Not much longer, not..."
  • "...of putting Dog to sleep, he wakes up in cage, hungry, Dog wants..."
  • "...Master. Master set me free, Dog needs to..."
  • "...die. Dog wants to die. Don't care anymore, tired of you, tired of place. Master will..."


Act IEdit

God is making random comments while player isn't around.— Developer's note
  • "Mirrors tell me my name when needed... and I have a name for you, several. Thief, coward... showman. Radiation couldn't kill the truth, could it."
  • "Touched by radiation, and you choose to spend your time here. You could have just left... but you're too obsessed to let go."
  • "Can't believe the idiot swallowed his collar."
  • "What's taking that human so long."
  • "If that human wasn't wearing a collar..."
  • "Wonder what that human's insides would look like laid out over the fountain."
  • "Might be able to rip the Pip-Boy off his arm without killing him. Hmm."
  • "Air tastes like copper. Or Old World gold."
  • "Almost got away... then the idiot's hunger screws it up."

Act IIEdit

  • "You can't abide it. There's no heart. You hate it, I can hear it in your words."
  • "You could have left the Sierra Madre. Left this Villa, joined your own kind."
God has been told to wait in a dangerous area, but he understands the reason, even if it stresses him out.— Developer's note
  • "Hurry, we're targets out here."
  • "Almost inside. Finally. Then I can get rid of the baggage."
  • "Quiet, Dog, stay in the cage."
  • "Sick of these Old World deathtraps."
  • "The Sierra Madre's almost mine."
  • "They better not try and leave me here..."
God's told to wait in a dangerous area to pull a lever and trigger an event. He's angry and pissed about it.— Developer's note
  • "When this festival fires, I'm the first one in the door."
  • "Last time I ever deal with human trash..."
  • "After the Bomb, still slaves to technology, events, Pip-Boys, collars... hnnnr."
  • "I'll whip you for this, Dog. I'll crush your cage with you inside it for making me go through this."
  • "All this - if I get inside the Sierra Madre, it's all worth it. All of it."
  • "As soon as those collars go off... we'll settle things, yes."
God is watching a festival erupt in the Villa, and he's impressed the player pulled it off. He's talking to himself.— Developer's note
  • "The human did it. Good."
  • "Not going down like last time - Dog, you're staying in the cage."
  • "Time to get to the gate, "friends" or no friends."
  • "Fires and speakers are going to bring the Ghost People out in full."
  • "Coming for you, human... you just wait."
  • "Madre's mine."
  • "Hnh. The human pulled it off."
  • "Just like last time. Come on, Dog, you know the drill."
  • "Gate won't be open for long."
  • "Need to stay out of sight... can't afford to be distracted now."
  • "What the Old World saw in these light shows is beyond me."

Act IIIEdit

This is after Dog's personality has been buried.— Developer's note
  • "I... he's asleep. Finally. Shhhhhh."
  • "Now I can. And one day, when you're ready, I'll let you out. When you're calm, and we... understand each other."
This is delivered in God's voice, but he's calm, and both God and Dog have been submerged, this is same voice, different personality.— Developer's note
  • "What is this place?"
  • "Feel strange, like... sleeping. On my neck, is this... a chain? I... {recognition, looks down and sees the name carved there} what's carved on my chest."
  • ""God." No... not God. Something in reverse... hnh. Was that one of them...?"
  • "Should rest, get my strength back... then explore this place, see what it holds."

God is being genuine here... all he wanted to do was keep Dog out of harm's way.— Developer's note
  • "Dog... all I wanted was for you to listen to me, let me care for you. Keep you from hurting yourself..."

Calm, resolved. Loop back to the second line.— Developer's note
  • "And we're at peace, you and I, mind and instinct. Then the world will be ready for us."

  • "...back in the cage. Stop what you're doing, we can..."
  • "...listening to me. Tired of being your minder, tired..."
  • " protect you, always wanted to protect you, the reason I have to take control is..."
  • "...listen to me. If you do this, we both..."
  • " us. Please let me help us. If you don't, then you're..."