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Gametitle-FNV DM
Gametitle-FNV DM

372.12 Hz ULF radio signal is a radio station that can be listened to in the Sierra Madre. It allows the player to eavesdrop on Christine Royce.

Act IEdit

  • [Christine narrows her eyes, gets into a combat stance.] {Since this is a radio conversation there should be some shuffling sounds}
  • [Christine studies Dean, frowns.]
  • [Christine shakes her head slowly.]
  • [Christine frowns, tilts her head slightly.]
  • <AUDIO: After freeing Christine, she's at the fountain or at the Clinic alone.>{Normal Christine breathing.}
  • [STATIC] {Static Sound}

Act IIEdit

  • [Christine frowns.] {This will need some sound effect.}
  • [Christine's eyes narrow.]
  • [Christine eyes narrow to slits.]
  • <AUDIO: If the player hasn't dropped Christine off at the Gala Event and she is alone at the fountain, this will be crackling silence.>{Clicking or Christine breathing, "normally" for her.}
  • <AUDIO: After Gala Event, not Act 3 yet.>{Frantic beating on the elevator door, desperate breathing, sounds of Gala event in streets above, muted.}
  • <AUDIO: If the player has left Christine at the Gala Event in a "good" way, this is the signal that will play.> {Christine is breathing slightly faster than normal, no banging or panic. She taps on metal, as if tapping a message in Morse code for "hurry up" - if}
  • <AUDIO: If the player has left Christine at Gala Event and she hates the player, she'll bang on the doors of the elevator to be let out.>{Hammering on door, desperate, her breathing ragged and panicked.}
  • [STATIC] {Static Sound}

Act IIIEdit

  • <AUDIO: Christine after Executive Suites, killed her. Static.>{Nothing but a flatline signal.}
  • <AUDIO: Needs radio filter for this, and ambient sounds outside suites after Christine has been saved and is speaking to herself.>{Mikey, we'll dupe Christine's radio barks while she's in the Exec Suites with her voice back and add a filter.}
  • <AUDIO: Christine in Executive Suites.>{Christine breathing, normally, she sounds like she's walking around and doing stuff. Any ambient sounds from the suites should be duped.}
  • <AUDIO: Christine after Executive Suites, still lost voice.>{Christine breathing normally, calm. Any ambient sounds from the suites should be duped.}
  • [STATIC] {Static Sound}

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