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GREETING GREETING Happy 30 Okay, okay, I admit it - knowing how to use these guns right is pretty cool. 1
GREETING Happy 50 Sweet, those "readiness reports" are so good they actually gave me a raise! 2
GREETING Happy 20 I thought all that touchy-feely teamwork bullshit was kind of fruity... but it kinda feels good knowing my squad's got my back. 3
GREETING Happy 100 {Tripping out on a drug almost like but legally distinct from meth} Ha ha, fuck me, Jack's shit is still the best! 4
GREETING Surprise 25 Heard Chief Hanlon took the {"lead" as in bullets} lead expressway to Angel-town. Weird shit, yo. 5
GREETING Surprise 10 What you want, homes? 6
GREETING Disgust 25 Aw, shit, here comes the brown-noser. What you want? 7
GREETING Happy 25 Shit, look who it is, the crazy one! What up? 8
GREETING Happy 40 Every time you come around, the brass gets their pants in a bunch. Keep on coming by. 9
GREETING Surprise 20 Shit, you just piss folks off wherever you go, huh? 10
GREETING Anger 40 I know I talk a lot of shit about the army, but you come around here again and I'll slit you. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Yo. 12
MagsShapeUp1 I got you the stuff. Happy 50 Hoo-hoo! Hot damn, it's gonna be a party in the camp tonight! 13
Sgt. McCredie asked me to talk to you about getting your squad in shape. Anger 10 Yo, I'll tell you what this squad needs. A healthy dose of angry juice. 14
About getting the squad's readiness reports up.... Happy 15 Like I said, you get the juice, we'll cut loose. 15
RazzArmy Why are you in the Army? Disgust 20 Shit, man, it was this or the Fiends, and Fiends don't last too long in the NCR. 16
Happy 35 At least this way the badasses with the top-shelf guns are on my side. 17
Why are you in the Army? Disgust 30 Shit, honey, it was this or the Fiends, and Fiends don't last too long in the NCR. 18
Happy 25 At least this way the badasses with the top-shelf guns are on my side. 19
RazzCampGolf Can you tell me anything about Camp Golf? Disgust 50 What you want to know? Whole place used to be some kinda rich bastard resort, back before the war. 20
Anger 25 Now the Rangers use the old resort, and we grunts get to live in tents. Fucking typical. 21
RazzHistory So, what's your story? Neutral 50 Ain't much to tell. Grew up out west, in the Boneyard. Heard of it? 22
Sad 30 Yeah, not many people have. Wasn't really a good place for kids, you know? I joined up to get out. My family's still back there. 23
RazzMisfits Know anything about your squadmates? Anger 15 We don't talk too much, mostly. Poindexter's a smartass prick. 24
Disgust 20 O'Hanrahan's a big pussy, ain't good for shit in a fight, and Mags... well, Mags is cut out for something other than soldiering, you dig? 25
VFreeformCampGolf2CRazzTopic000 That's charming. It's good to know team-building is alive and well. Disgust 15 [FAILED] Hey, you asked. Don't want the answer, don't ask a guy's opinion. 26
That's charming. It's good to know team-building is alive and well. Sad 15 [SUCCEEDED] Shit, maybe you're right. Guess I ought to give them a shot. 27
VFreeformCampGolf2CRazzTopic001 Sounds like a bunch of winners. Anger 15 Whatever. Not like I need any of them. I do just fine on my own. 28
VFreeformCampGolf2CRazzTopic002 Angry... juice? Happy 30 Psycho! The big red one! I used to run with the Fiends, I still got the hookups. Smuggle some in and you'll see an improvement. 29
VFreeformCampGolf2CRazzTopic003 Okay, tell me where to get it. Happy 30 My man Jack at Red Rock Canyon got the goods. But listen: once you get folks dosed on Psycho, ain't a lot of room for much else. 30
Fear 10 So if you got any other plans for bulking up the Misfits crew, might want to see about them first. 31
VFreeformCampGolf2CRazzTopic004 I'm convinced this is a good idea, let's do it. Surprise 30 Right. Head to Red Rock Canyon - that's deep Khan territory, so watch your back. Talk to Jack, tell him Razz wants the usual. See you soon. 32
VFreeformCampGolf2CRazzTopic005 On second thought, I'll talk to the others first. Disgust 20 Whatever. 33

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Right. 34

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