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For the Pip-Boy radio in Fallout 3, see Fallout 3 radio stations.

A model 2043B Radio Communicator, from the fine people at Wattz Electronics. Dependable, rugged, and camouflaged. With the optional RS-121 interface.

The radio is a miscellaneous item in Fallout and Fallout 2.


The radio may be used to cause a diversion among the super mutants patrolling the outer regions of the Northern Military Base, allowing easier access to the base's interior. Attempting to use the radio in other locations elicits a squeal of unintelligible static. It can also be linked with the computer that controls the force fields within the military base to gain remote control over them.



Fallout 2Edit

  • A unique, broken radio can be used to help Vic to repair Metzger's radio in order to free him from Slaver's Guild.
  • One can be found in a locked locker in Vault City, in the repair building where Valerie appears.
  • One is located in a footlocker within a locked room on level 2 of the vault in Vault City.
  • Another can be found on a bench in the basement of New Reno Arms, along with a Geiger counter.
  • Chris at the entrance to Navarro carries one and it can either be stolen, or looted after having killed him.
  • Most of the dead Enclave soldiers carry one in the Mariposa Military Base.

Behind the scenesEdit

The mentioned RS-121 interface is a play on the real-world EIA/TIA-232 serial interface commonly known as RS-232 (each digit decreased by one.)

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