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The last thing you never see.

— 1st Recon's motto

1st Recon is a special military unit of the New California Republic Army.


They are one of the NCR's best reconnaissance units, taking part in special missions across the Mojave Wasteland. 1st Recon distinguished itself during the First Battle of Hoover Dam as the only NCR military squad to hold their ground against Caesar's Legion, picking off officers and soldiers in the ruins of Boulder City with aid from Ranger snipers and assault units.

They killed dozens of Great Khan women and children in Bitter Springs, during the infamous Bitter Springs Massacre under the orders of Major Gilles. Ironically, at least 2 Great Khans members would eventually go on to join 1st Recon; Manny Vargas and Sergeant Bitter-Root.

The 1st Recon soldiers are distinguished from regular troops by their distinctive red berets.

Known members

Five known active members of the 1st Recon appear in Fallout: New Vegas. They are all members of the Alpha Team: Lieutenant Gorobets, Sergeant Bitter-Root, Corporal Sterling, Corporal Betsy, and 10 of Spades. They are involved in the conflict with the Fiends.

They are divided up into teams of two; 10 of Spades and Corporal Betsy are the only team mentioned in game, but because Gorobets is the commanding officer, Sterling and Bitter-Root are more than likely a team as well. The active members of the squad can be found in Camp McCarran.

Craig Boone and Manny Vargas are the only former members in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • Upon completing the Driver Nephi portion of the Three-Card Bounty quest by claiming Nephi's bounty, the entire First Recon moves to Camp Forlorn Hope.
  • Possible companion Craig Boone had previously served with the First Recon, where he saw action at Bitter Springs. At least one possible ending to the game has him rejoining his old unit.
  • While traveling to Camp Forlorn Hope, it is possible for a large portion of 1st Recon to die on the journey if the player follows them. However, if they are allowed to simply fast-travel they should arrive at their destination without inicident.
  • All members of 1st Recon (excluding Sterling) carry hunting rifles without scopes, even though they are a Sniper outfit. This makes Lt. Gorobets' claim that they can "...put a bullet in a target's eye at 800 yards" really quite the feat. The most legitimate reason as to why is no scope on their rifles is that the developers didn't want the player to be able to get a free scoped hunting rifle(s), as every hunting rifle in the game is unscoped and would normally have to be modded to have a scope.
  • Oddly, when you activate the quest I Put A Spell On You after completing Three-Card Bounty, speaking with Corporal Sterling will give you a dialogue option about the lights at the Camp McCarran Control Tower though they are at Camp Forlorn Hope.
  • Originally, after traveling to Forlorn Hope all 5 members of 1st Recon would congregate in a clearing inside the camp. This was changed in a recent patch for map optimization purposes, and now the different members can be found inside different buildings in the camp (two inside the command tent, two inside the barracks, and one inside the mess hall).
  • Caesar's Legion are trying to get their howitzer operational during I Hear You Knocking specifically for the purpose of suppressing 1st Recon and Veteran Ranger snipers.
  • Sometimes, they say the generic NCR sayings. Oddly, they even say "Wish I had a 1st Recon guy looking after me" if you are currently traveling with Boone.


1st Recon only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes


  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 After arriving at Camp Forlorn Hope, the members of the 1st Recon may not realize they have moved and still speak as if they were battling the Fiends in the ruins of the city.


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