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This is a transcript for dialogue with destitute traveler.

Topics Edit

188CivilianUnhappyBeggarNo Can't help you. Neutral 50 Oh, you could. You just don't want to. 1
Can't help you. Neutral 50 I understand. Sorry to be a bother. 2
Can't help you. Neutral 50 But... Of course. It's all right. Thank you. 3
188CivilianUnhappyBeggarYes Sure. Here's 25 caps. Neutral 50 Thank you so much! I'm so hungry! 4
Sure. Here's 25 caps. Neutral 50 Sorry I had to bother you. I've... well, I've lost everything. 5
Sure. Here's 25 caps. Neutral 50 You're very kind. I wish... well, I'll just thank you and leave you be. 6
GREETING GREETING Sad 50 I lost everything I had at The Tops, but if you gave me 500 caps, I'd head straight back. Sick, huh? 7
GREETING Sad 50 I came east to strike it rich, and now I'm broker than ever. What do I tell my family back home? 8
GREETING Anger 50 On the Strip, everyone's nice to you when you got the caps. The moment you don't? They throw your ass out. 9
GREETING Neutral 50 I won big my first night on the Strip. I kept chasing that feeling. Right into the gutter. 10
GREETING Sad 50 I sat down at a roulette table with my life savings. An hour later, it was gone. 11
GREETING Sad 50 Can you spare some caps, mister? 12
GREETING Sad 50 Can you spare some caps, 'mam? 13
GREETING Anger 50 Go East! they say. Scrap lying in the sun for you to grab. Yeah, right. 14
GREETING Sad 50 The Strip ain't nothing but a monster. Chews folks up, sucks out their caps, and spits 'em back out. 15

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