12 gauge slug shells

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For an overview of 12 gauge shotgun shell in the Fallout series of games, see 12 gauge shotgun shell.
12 gauge slug shells
FoT 12gauge slug shell
Icon FoT 12 gauge slug
magaz. size
weight1 lbs.value
Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Solid-slug shotgun ammunition.

12 gauge slug shells are a type of shells that appears in Fallout Tactics.


Damage is increased against individual, armored targets, but burst shots will rarely hit multiple targets.


  • Mardin, in the shelf inside the shed which is marked "heavily patrolled" on the map; also on some of the guards.
  • Cold Water, x10 can be bought from the merchant with a green shirt in the market place
    • x20 are in a BoS crate on the far right in level 2
    • x32, x20 and x40 can be found on Quincy traitors in level 4
  • Merchant special encounter, for sale.
  • Trader special encounter, for sale.

Behind the scenesEdit

With a projectile weight of one ounce and a projectile diameter of 0.729" (effectively a .73 caliber weapon), the shotgun slug is a devastating projectile at short to medium ranges. However, its minimally-aerodynamic architecture limits its range, so a shotgun slug possesses superior ballistic characteristics over short ranges, but lacks the long-range lethality of a rifle round.


The slug shells display the AP icon next the shotgun's ammunition count in the inventory window.

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