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Legendary Weapons

Which unique weapon is your favourite? For me, Decembers Child is a good one.
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For fallout 4 Either Kellogg’s pistol or The Gainer Fallout NV it’s the AER14 Prototype Fallout 3 Backwater rifle or snugglers end
Fallout 4:Righteous Authority
Fallout NV:Dinner Bell
Fallout 3:Backwater Rifle
The big Jim would bè good at the game start. But I Luke the sheng drowne's sword.
I would say the overseeers guardian
Also the final judgement is nice if you have extra fusion cores or aren’t using power armor
Overseer’s Gaurdian
Explosive 10mm all the way
For sure the kneeecapper flamer
Makes fights with mirelurk queens and behemoths require almost no effort
for a melee build i reccomend atom's judgement and pickman's blade
Fallout 4 - Overseer’s Guardian
Fallout 3 - Metal Blaster
Fallout New Vegas - A Light Shining In Darkness or Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle
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