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Seeing upvotes

I don’t know if I’m just stupid (which is probably the case) but is it not possible to see who’s upvoted your post? If not, why? Why can’t I see what fools enjoy what I post?
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Fallout 76 is hella bad. For the first time ever I actually went downstairs and turned on my trash PS4 and didn’t feel like playing this game. I’ve never just lost complete interest in a video game before. Anyway, *inserts shitty meme* *instantly gains 10 more upvotes*.
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Fallout 76’s Greatest Flaw: Being Online

Hah hah, don’t I love getting one shotted by people with glitched explosive handmade rifles because I picked a lock at a marked location that I didn’t even know was owned and got a bounty? Or getting one shot without initiating combat because someone exploited the system to get a gun that can kill a man without him even having to shoot back? Besides my interactions with the toxic playerbase, I’m having a blast with this game. I’ve been killed 3 times by people with these glitched explosive guns and it’s making me so angry. I wasn’t that pissed the first 2 times because I got my junk back but the third time the cunt stole my shit.
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FE's Friday Builds #3

(This might look wierd because I made it on phone.) -Name: Agent 6 S: 6>6 P: 7>7 E: 4>5 C: 6>6 I : 8>8 A: 8>8 L: 1>10 (8 IT+LR Ending) -Main Skills (100) Speech Science Lockpicking Guns -Secondary Skills (75) Unarmed Sneak Explosives -Tertiary Skills (50) Barter Repair Energy Weapons (60) -Main Perks Gunslinger Black Widow/Lady Killer The Professional -Playstyle Agent 6 is a spy of sorts. A assassin if you will. Agent 6 hides in plain sight of his/her targets, using disguises rather than living in the shadows. Agent 6 walks around the mojave as a fake Trader, however switches it up in certain circumstances (i.e. Faction areas or casinos). When going on missions requiring stealth rather than costumes, Agent 6 gets in his/her assassin suit and grabs a silenced 45. -Ending Agent 6 is a assassin for money, and who has more cash than Vegas’s overlord, Mr. House? Agent 6 ends the game with Mr. House, however puts up a charade by also helping the NCR until the time is right to strike. -Armor Goodsprings Settler Outfit (Goodsprings) Roving Trader Outfit (ASAP) Assassin Suit (Dead Money DLC) -Weapons 9mm Pistol (Starting) 9mm Pistol+Assault Carbine (Gun Runners) Maria+Assault Carbine (Benny) .45 Auto Pistol+Assault Carbine (Honest Hearts) -Medical Supplies 2 Stimpaks 2 MedX -Other Equipment Flare Gun (Deathclaws) -Build Progression As a former Enclave soldier, Agent 6 is used to being shot at, however this was a little too close for comfort. (For this build, use the Enclave ending of Fallout:New California as a backstory.) Taking a shot from Benny pissed Agent 6 off more than it did hurt him/her. Some lowly Vegas Playboy best him/her. Agent 6 couldn't stand for it. Agent 6 decides that seeming like a average trader would be the best way to gather information on the Benny. Agent Six goes from settlement to settlement in search of finding Benny. When reaching Vegas, Agent 6 heads into Mr. Houses casino, realizing that it might not be too good to piss off Vegas’s owner. There he/she finds a new business partner. When ordered to kill benny and retrieve the platinum chip, Agent 6 happily accepts. Agent 6 buys some casino clothes and heads to the tops with a silenced 22. Agent 6 kills his/her target with ease in his own casino and walks out before anyone notices. When approached by one of Caesar's lackies, Agent 6 is impressed. After all, it's rare to meet a fellow spy. Agent 6 is a little sad to find out that House is working against the legion because of the Spy, however accepts the infiltration quest none-the-less. Agent 6 follows along with Houses Questline, as well as doing NCR quests here and there to maintain a image. After completing the Omerta quest for House, Agent 6 is sent on a mission to find and kill 2 people. Joshua Gragham and a Mysterious Courier (Fake event). Agent 6 heads to Utah with a Happy Trails group, impersonating a New Trader. When reaching Joshua Graham, Agent 6 learns that Joshua also knows of the Mysterious Courier. Agent 6 then decides to finish off half of his/her mission by setting C4 charges throughout the Dead Horses Camp. After leaving the Honest Hearts DLC, Agent 6 suddenly remembers about some trader in Primm telling him/her about a Courier. Agent 6 heads there, but stops at Nipton because he/she sees something odd in the night sky. After further investigation, he/she is transported to a odd place. Agent 6 helps the Think Tank as best he/she can prying out as much info about the Courier all the while. While in the big empty, Agent 6 learns the story of Elijah and where he was going. (I don't actually know if you can learn the location of where Elijah is going, my memory of the game isn't THAT good. However it is what it is :shrug:)  The Agent keeps them alive for further info about the Mysterious Courier. After leaving Big Mt, The courier heads straight to the bunker, posing as a NCR Soldier. In the Sierra Madre, Agent 6 learns more about his/her target and ends up killing all his/her allies when its safe to do so. (I also forget if you can kill Christine after looting the Sierra Madre….. sue me.) Finally after a long mission, Agent 6 heads back to primm and gets the last location of his/her target. However the divide proves to be more challenging than even the Sierra Madre. Agent 6 barely makes it out alive after his/her showdown with Ulysses the courier. Finally, his/her hardest mission is over. Agent completes the rest of the Mr. House questline, and lives on as Houses lieutenant for the rest of his/her life. [Unlike my other builds, I highly suggest being a female. It just seems to work better. Also unlike my other builds, this was made in a hour so I hope the builds shortness is alright as I didn't playtest it very much.] [I would like to point out that I picked the Trader cover up specifically because when you enter Cottonwood Cove you're able to lie and say your a trader if my memory serves. That and the Happy Trails thing. So like, thats cool :P)
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Leasson learned

"If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, you should not be so quick to jump to conclusions."
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Wasteland What-Ifs #7

What If: Overboss Colter killed the Sole Survivor?

Premise: In 2287, Colter, the leader of the Nuka-World Raiders, falls out of favor with the region's gangs. The Sole Survivor, an inhabitant of Vault 111, challenges Colter with the help of Gage, Colter's right-hand man, and the other Raider leaders. Unfortunately, this help is not enough, and Colter kills the Sole Survivor. What would happen after the failed coup? Would Colter somehow discover the plot, and if so, what would he do? Would the Raider leaders continue to favor other challengers, or take out Colter themselves? Who could rise to power if Colter were taken out this way? Assuming they made allies, how would the SS's allies react to their death by Colter's hands?

Key Notes:
•All disputed events/info are post-2287
•For the sake of simplicity and not dealing with "Well that faction is destroyed", let's say the SS has joined all but not yet chosen a faction.
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• 8h

Just a little odd humor

"Kill it with kindness, and if that doesn't work, kill it with sharp sticks and knives."

- Night Vale
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• 9h

Anyone here know why the fat man was changed to nuke launcher?

It was because Japan got pissed at Bethesda
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• 10h


what will a gorrila become after exposure to the fast evolutionairy virus ?
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• 10h

Buying Lever action plans(PS4)

I'm lvl 25 and am having a hard time finding lever actions and or their plans. Suggestions or anyone got an extra I can trade for?
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• 12h

You know you are paranoid when..

.. you think there is a clown behind every bush, ready to kill you..
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• 12h

The surprise of Mass fusion building

I did something that I didn’t know I can. Killed the gunners at the building before getting in the institute and tried to reach the top and that triggered the quest “mass fusion” siding with the institute because the quest said that I should talk with doctor allie filmore and hand her the agitator and guess what. The synths were hostile even when I was supporting the institute (it wasn’t my choice) and my last mission for the brotherhood was just clearing fort hagen and I didn’t met the railroad yet and above all of that none of the factions were hostile after finishing the quest and handing the beryllium agitator to the institute😅😅
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• 12h

Hi all

Hi all i new here i have played fonv for about 700 hours and fo3 for about 500 hours fo4 about 200 hours fo76 about 10 hours i wants to like 76 but im finding it difficult i play on ps4 if anyone can help me find my feet that would be cool my psn is greenblooded395 thank you
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• 12h

When shit hits the fan, do the lotus!

"Be proud of your place in the Cosmos. It is small and yet it is."

- Night Vale
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• 13h

help me again

aight, so i was playing fallout 3 on an earlier save, and i had given a paladin follower my T-51b power armor. and now she is gone. i cant find her. where did she go? i mean, i looked everywhere, including the place i got her from, the citadel. where is she?!?!?!?

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• 14h

Can you leave good springs at level 10 in NV?

Lol I did to a xp glitch, 9mm ammo glitch,and leather armour glitch, so basically I'm going to be the richest person in the Mojave. Lol but it is a pain in the ass to do when your level 15
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• 14h

I hate Gatling Lasers!

I stole some medicine in a camp by the Washington Monument. The BOS got pissed and I got gunned down by 2 Gatling Lasers
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• 14h

Grognak's axe

Any idea where I find the plans for Gragnak's axe?
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• 15h

Favorites #6

This time, it's time for me to ask- who was your favorite protagonist/player character in the Fallout games.

I know there isn't suppose to be much reason for having a favorite protagonist, but you can base it around with whom you enjoyed playing the most, with whom you had the most memorable memories, who do you think had the best backstory or any other reasons you may have...

Lone wanderer is my favorite. Mostly because of nostalgia, as Fallout 3 was my first Fallout. Also because I think his character was crafted really good from the get go of the game...
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