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Questions For The Wiki #411

Which post war battle had the highest casualties?
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• 3h

What should I spend my caps on?

Hey guys. Need advise please.
I have about 10k caps. Never ever spend any. And I am still only level 30.

The only thing I can think of is using it to fast travel.

Any suggestions?
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• 8h

Coming of Fruition *Quest Bug*

I followed quest what say do. I arrived armory near harry ferry and I put a master holotap on terminal but nothing happened. I try again and not work. I find out master holotap is bugging. I tried researched internet and reddit to how solved it but none work for me. Even if there shortcut and still there Raleigh's terminal need master holotap. I really want finished this quest. So frustrating.

How solve this? You have experienced before this?
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• 9h

Caesars legion

So what’s up with the group anyway, how the hell did Caesar get so many followers “hey I’m gonna follow this dude that has SOME ideals of Julias Caesar because we are just an organized raider group! but, hey, I get a skirt though!” lmao
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• 9h


I know it’s an odd question, but how much scrap do you stash?
Do we really need bone shards?
What can I get rid of?
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• 9h

Modding Issues

Ok I'm having problems downloading mods for my fallout 4 on xbox one. Basically I'm trying to download a mod that is 61.75mb but everytime I try it says I don't have enough memory even though it says I have 78.60mb free space. May I please have assistance?
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• 13h

Starfield: What to Expect

It may seem that Bethesda has been tight lipped on their upcoming game, but actions scream louder that the the PR department guys when the realise there's a flaming dumpster in their office. Here's 5 things Bethesda has told us will be in Starfield.

1. Microtransactions: They've been in ESO, Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Fallout 76, and TES Legends. There is a clear pattern, even if you remove free-to-play and online games. This is the business model.
There's two times of MTX they can go with: mini-DLC and Gameplay Acceleration, though the two categories are not rigid, and can be mixed to further maximise profits. Mini-DLC is a MTX model where consumers pay for extra content, similar to CC or the Fallout 4 workship DLCs. Gameplay Acceleration is more like he Atom Shop and Fallout Shelter Loot-nch Boxes. Everything is accessible by gameplay, either directly or through the earning of credits. However, gameplay is monotonous enough that people will willingly hand over money not to play the game they paid full price for.

2: Radiant quests: We saw these in Skyrim, and they reached alarming levels in Fallout 4. The Minutemen questline is especially illustrative: 3 custom quests establish a small thread of a story, tying together a series of endlessly repeating Settlement missions. Sound familiar? It was also the Skyrim Civil War.
Nuka World took it even further. Never before have radiant quests determined the outcome of the main story. Previously, such major narrative work was assumed to be impossible for such basic game mechanics. This DLC was 8 'clear dungeon' quests, and a single menu at the end of each determined which side you were on. This makes the questline for each raider faction identical, eliminating any need to play multiple times.
76 took this to new its zenith. It's certainly going to be toned down as Bethesda returns to single player, but the randomised 'events' and area defense arcade games are guaranteed to make a comeback.

#3 Building: Hearthfire, to Settlements, to C.A.M.P.S., Bethesda loves building systems. Who can blame them? Skyrim had several player houses, but many character builds simply didn't have a fitting home. A building system allows any half-comoetent player to make a house that fits their character, and thus greatly improves role playing.
More importantly, it throws people back into the gameplay loop. You need plans and materials, so you fight and explore. Or, you can spend more money on microtransactions! It's no coincidence that half of all Fallout 4's DLC is Settlement focused, as are many Creations. This system is ideal for hyper-monetisation.

Numero Quatro: bugs!
Radroaches, Radscorpions, bloatflies, and stingwi- oh... Other type of bugs.
Let's be real here, in part this is inevitable. In my Fallout 1 game, I've only made it to Junktown and I've already been locked out of a quest by a bug. The bugs won't stop it from being a great game. Skyrim and New Vegas are beloved and still played today, and they are on the same notorious, bug-infested engine. Nor would a new engine automatic make this game great. It would more likely be a marketable gimmick to draw attention away from major flaws and poor writing.

V. A Simplified Character Statistics System
76 has no stat decision when creating your character. No SPECIALs, no traits, no skills. Fallout 4 only had SPECIALs. Skyrim had nothing. SPECIALS are unique to Fallout, and Bethesda doesn't even bother to include that in the beginning anymore. When you load up the game for the first time, do not expect to be defining a character. Expect a cinematic scene.
As you go forth, you will most likely have some statistics. Even 76 didn't remove them entirely. But don't expect them to shape your experience any more than how you kill people. No more solving problems with charisma, negotiation, repair, pickpocketing, or perception. Kill the enemies. Kill then with a pistol, kill them with a bomb, kill them from the shadows...
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• 14h

What can you get from Lucky Strike?
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike Fallout Wiki
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• 14h

25 Days of Christmas-13

What kind of gifts do you prefer? Clothes, games, candy, money etc?
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• 15h


Right I haven't been active on here for a while, I love the fallout games and played then all, but I have seen a few people on YouTube, Mrmatty for e.g.
Saying that 76 really isn't that good and it's kind of moving back from the older fallout games
Was just looking for a few opinions on 76 as I still want to play it just want to know people's thoughts
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• 18h

Creation Club isn’t all that bad

Ok, for as long as I remember, people have gone batshit insane about the concept of micro transactions in Fallout 4, especially since they were displayed in the game’s main menu. In my opinion, it’s not that bad. You see the price of Creation Club coins and compare that to the price of V-Bucks, the Fortnite equivalent of Creation Club credits. For Creation Club being such an insignificant part of the game, I feel like it has every right to be where it is. Who cares if Bethesda has payed mods? They still offer a wide variety of free mods as well. The little quests to gain certain gear from other games is really neat and fun in my opinion. All in all, Creation Club is just for people who want to know they are getting the real deal as opposed to getting free mods of questionable quality.
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• 20h

Hancock Miniature

So I was glancing through the page for Hancock earlier and noticed the new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare things. Those miniatures. After looking through all of them, I noticed Hancock's has a weird pistol I've never seen before. Anyone know what it's supposed to be? It almost looks like the old gauss pistol and pulse pistol had a kid.
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• 20h

Challenge Bugged

So I have the Level-Up 5 times wearing a costume and mask weekly challenge. I've leveled up twice while wearing the full skeleton costume and have made no progress on the challenge. Has anyone else experienced this?
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• 20h

Creation club Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone
Post image
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• 20h

Wasteland What-Ifs #1

Alrighty, so I had a list of series ideas and this one won by the almighty power of eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Short summary of what this is gonna be: Every *insert interval here* I will present a "what-if" scenario of the Fallout universe and certain other key things surrounding it. It will then be up to all of you to come up with your own ideas on what would happen after that. I also hope you guys and gals, along with your responses, could give a recommended interval these could be done at (weekly, biweekly, etc.), since I've never done a series before.

What-If: The Scorched Plague was never stopped?

Premise: Figure I'd start the series with the biggest new thing in Fallout, the Scorched Plague. Since (SPOILER) the Fallout universe isn't covered in evil fungi, it's safe to say the disease has been dealt with, but what if it wasn't? How would the rest of the series play out? Would someone stop it?

Key Notes:
•All events subject to change are post-October 23rd 2102.
•This is under the assumption that the Residents did still exist, but were unable to contain and destroy the plague.
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• 21h

Dose eneyone know the best hevy build to do the most damage

Im to make one i just need to know the special and perks
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• 23h

Best armor?

Does anyone know what the best armor in the game is? I am currently using combat armor with the BOS mod on some pieces and it seems pretty strong but I really like the marine armor and I've seen it for sale but havent bought any of it because I dont know if it can actually get better, what armor do you guys think is the strongest not including power armor and legendary armors
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• 23h

Fallout 76 is the most fun Fallout game ever

Now, before you start your screaming rants about New Vegas and bugs and whatnot, hear me out.

Compared to the other games in the series, I have had the most fun playing through Fallout 76. Now, it’s definitely not the best game (I reserve that title for Fallout 2), it’s definitely a very enjoyable game.

Here are the aspects that I enjoy most about it:


Fallout isn’t Fallout without a beautifully dead world to amble through. Fallout 76 is the first to create an interesting and wonderful place to do pretty much whatever. From the locations to the scenery, it was executed very well in my opinion. Also, it’s the first that isn’t 90% brown.


Need I say more? The score is better than any other Fallout game.


I’ll make this brief: besides NV, this game had some really cool weapons, and really showed the makeshift aspect of survival. From the commonplace ski sword to the Cultists Blade, the weapons fit into the world so well.


Also, besides NV, 1, and 2, this game shows a wonderful emptiness in the wasteland.


I play on Xbox, so when I first booted up the game, I expected some really toxic gamers on the server. The few that I encountered have been so nice and respectful, even if they were just talking to strangers doing the same thing they were. This is where I conclude my little review, but before I end, I must say this: Fallout’s community is one of the best I’ve ever seen. No cringe. No foulness against other games. It’s a loyal fan base. I just appreciate being apart of it.

Thank you for reading my review. If you feel like I left something out or want to express your own opinion, go right ahead.
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• 24h

Thing's I've noticed about the Wiki

Generally, we have rather intelligent discussions, and the posts i've seen have been mainly helpful. If you are asking about something, it will be answered. So I have a question....

What do you think of the Wiki
  • It's cool
  • It's toxic
  • Another option that you should comment
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• 24h

How do you feel about duped weapons?

For me it sucks,im a trader, lowers thr value of really good weapons and i can't make good profit on weapons i earned through play and trading because people except me to sell my weapons as cheap as a duped weapon,thankfully im in a community that cracks down on duped weapons and aid
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